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Historically I have never kept a sketchbook or journal. I don’t want to… not really, but apparently to pass my MA I must! I have googled the idea this evening and have come to the conclusion that a sketchbook is for images and a journal is more of a scrapbook type thing with writing???? Yes or no???? I don’t want to share with them my reasons for creating artworks I don’t want to have to use my social filter in my work! Generally they don’t even get it anyway. I also have to find artists that influence my work but I can’t use the ones I want as they are not FAMOUS enough 😦 any suggestions guys?


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3 thoughts on “Help fellow artists

  1. I do keep a sketchbook and it is a tool and resource I go back to for ideas. I don’t journal because, frankly, the idea never appealed to me. I suggest you just do the assignment, Think of it as a lesson in discipline. I don’t know the parameters for your greatest influences but include who you want to and think about adding some of the famous to the list. Just be willing and able to defend your choices. Hope this helps, academia can be a bitch.

  2. I consider keeping a sketchbook a very personal thing. I rarely use one, for sketching that is. If I want to pen down an idea I just scribble it down and honestly I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone. My drafts / sketches are all the paintings that ended up in the bin! But that’s just me. While studying it’s to your advantage to be disciplined even if you sometimes disagree. Your artistic self will find a creative way to deal with it! 😉

  3. hhhmmmm difficult. Academia is indeed a bitch and I know a lot of people who have done a Masters, myself included, who have had ferocious arguments over some of the assignments. But you need to pass. How about doing it as an alter-ego? For the duration of the assignment you are someone else, a role play if you like? You don’t have to let them know, but doing it as an alter-ego means you don’t have to reveal anything of the real you. And check out the arty bollox generator online. It’s a hoot! I know a couple of people who’ve adapted bits from that in their assignments 😀

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